Change happens

Lets start in spring this year. The semester was my last semester of my undergraduate study. So I started to look for a job. That should be just a temporary job for at most one year. Because I would like to start a Postgraduate study in a year. So I searched for an internship in the US or the UK (a goal was to improve my english skills). This took a lot of time and it turned out to be a fight against the world economic crisis. Finally after a few months I gave up! The crisis won.

ePark24 LogoIn June/August Roman and I worked together on our Bachelor Thesis. During this time I started to search for a new job. I got connected to a few people who searched a iPhone/Mac developer in the area of Zurich. But nothing got really concrete. So I took the time and wrote an application to equinux. A well known german Mac software company based in Munich. I went to the job interview and somehow I made a good impression. Which means I finally got the job and I’m totally glad to start there on October 1st.

Gran Canary IslandAfter we finished our Thesis we all went to the canary islands and celebrated the completion of our study. We made up the role that we don’t share photos from this week so no photos here, sorry. After we returned, we had to present and defend our Thesis. That went very well and we’ve got a very good mark. As far as we know the best in our branch of study.

In the last few weeks I finally moved to Munich which is definitely harder then to get a job there ;-) . Currently I just have a temporary solution to stay there but a definite solution is close. I’m already starting to really like this city and germany. And of course I visited the Oktoberfest!

Last weekend I went back to the place where I studied for the last three years for the graduation ceremony. We all enjoyed it and celebrated it condignly with a good party afterwards. Now I’m “Bachelor of Science FHNW in Computer Sciences with a Specialization in Distributed Software Systems”.

Do to the fact that I signed an employment contract with equinux, I will stop developing my own applications and completely focus on my work at equinux. So I think that’s pretty much what happens in the last 1/2 year. I enjoyed the time of changes but I’m also glad to finally start at equinux this week.

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  1. SumDudefromStackOver responded on 11 Aug 2010 at 09:35 #

    Thanks so much for the help! Good look with your future at equinux!

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