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As you’ve noticed this blog was inactive for the last two years. Now I’m back at university and I wanted to start blogging again. So I started a new blog over here:

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Change happens

Lets start in spring this year. The semester was my last semester of my undergraduate study. So I started to look for a job. That should be just a temporary job for at most one year. Because I would like to start a Postgraduate study in a year. So I searched for an internship in the US or the UK (a goal was to improve my english skills). This took a lot of time and it turned out to be a fight against the world economic crisis. Finally after a few months I gave up! The crisis won.

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Bye Bye iPhoneNotes

As to the fact that iPhone OS 3.0 supports now notes synchronization itself. I removed iPhoneNotes from my homepage and from MacUpdate.
bye bye iPhoneNotes
If you still want iPhoneNotes you can download it here: iPhoneNotes 0.8


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Video Filters in OpenCV

For the “Audio and Video Processing” lecture tomorrow I had to write some simple video filters. The professor recommended to use the DirectShow SDK. But everyone who knows me knows that when there is a way to do something without Windows I will do it without! So I used the OpenCV library from Intel. Which I know from my last semester project. I wrote a little program who uses the iSight as video source. (based on the OpenCV XCode example project) You can select 8 diffrent video filters by pressing number 1-8 on your keyboard.

  • 0: no filter
  • 1: 3×3 Sobelfilter Horizontal
  • 2: 3×3 Sobelfilter Vertical
  • 3: 3×3 Laplace
  • 4: 3×3 Box Filter
  • 5: 3×3 Gauss Filter
  • 6: 5×5 Gauss Filter
  • 5: 5×5 Box Filter
  • 6: 7×7 Box Filter (overflow)

With the key ‘t’ you can add an additional filter who generates four abstract colored pictures.

Filter 1 Filter 2 Filter 2


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Last week I got my LPC-P2148 ARM7 micro-controller. It’s a pretty nice development board with two serial ports, usb device controller, sd/mmc card slot, AD and DA converters and some other useful stuff.

At the start it was very hard to get it work for me. I’m a total newbie on arm controllers. In school we always had intel processors and programmed them with windows. But now I wanted to program it with Mac OS X so I needed an extra USB/Serial/JTAG adapter. In the starer kit I got an OpenOCD-USB adapter which is totally free under the GPL terms and works perfectly with Mac OS X.

LPC-P2148 Unpacking LPC-P2148 Assembled

To get that setup to work under Mac OS X (10.5.6) you need the following software parts:

Now how to get these things set up:
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My Bachelor Thesis

ePark24 logo

Today we (Roman and me) started our bachelor thesis. We had a first meeting with our advising professor, scheduled one with our external customer and already had some problems.

The thesis comprehends the development of a mobile payment application for the iPhone. With this application a customer should be able to pay parking lots from he’s iPhone as easy as possible. Our external customer called ePark24 has already a payment system. That system is a bit circumstantially. So our goal is to take the existing services and put them behind an iPhone application and expand it with some nice, useful and handy features.

Now that service is based on some 0900 numbers. You call them and then you enter your parking location and your license plate – or lot number. To do that automatically we need to dial so called DTMF codes. But that isn’t possible. Simple: Apple forbids to do that!.

The first version of that iPhone App should be available in the iPhone App Store by mid May 2009. I will try to keep you up to date about my thesis and that app on this blog. ePark24 announced our iPhone App already in their january newsletter. Have a look at the bottom of page two.

In this spirit, happy parking!

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Google Chart API – An ObjC Framework

I’m working on a new small iPhone application. An application who can generate some basic charts and export them as an image to your image library or mail them to someone. That application will be based on the google chart API. For that purpose I started writing a tiny Objective-C framework. I published it under a BSD license on that google code project:

It’s currently just a first version 0.1 and it supports just the basic charts and isn’t stable yet. But if someone is interested in supporting me with that project. Just send me a message. There is still a lot to do!


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Updates For My iPhone Apps

The semester is over and I have some time to spend on my iPhone projects. So spend bot of my iPhone apps a small update. Specially the MiGhtyDocs update was overdue.
Marks 1.2

It’s just a small update. It adds the ability to add some notes on every mark. This was a highly requested feature.

Marks 1.2Marks version 1.2 editing a mark with a note

If you haven’t already, buy it now on the iPhone App Store for just $0.99

Need more info about Marks? Go to the product page

MiGhtyDocs 0.9

Finally it supports PDF’s!!

MiGhtyDocs with PDF supportMiGhtyDocs PDF caching

Some resizing problems in landscape mode are fixed too and you have now the ability to cache all documents at once.

Get MiGhtyDocs at the iPhone App Store for free! or go to the product page.

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Thomas Post on February 2nd 2009 in Uncategorized


Do you find my Apps?

full res. image:

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Ad Blocking: as simple as possible

This week I was searching for a simple way to add an ad blocker to Safari. What I’ve found is an excellent solution. It’s just a simple css file! You put it into your user home under ~/Library/Safari/ and afterwards in Safari you go to “Preferences… -> Advanced” and select the style sheet.
Safari Settings
Here you go! Ad free surfing!

You can get that css file from here: userContent.css


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